Saturday, June 1, 2013

In addition to VR there is AR

Hands-Free Display for Smartphones Just as smartphones forever changed the telephone, the Vuzix smart glasses M100 redefines our interface to the ever-expanding digital world. Integrated head tracker 3-degree of freedom head tracking 3 axis Gyro 3 axis Accelerometer 3 axis Mag/Integrated compass Vuzix smart glasses M100 is the world's first enhanced "Hands Free" smartphone display and communications system for on-the-go data access from your Smartphone and the Internet. Running applications under the Android operating system; text, video, email, mapping, audio and all we have come to expect from smartphones is available through this wireless personal information display system. Vuzix smart glasses offer a wearable visual connection to the Cloud, through your smartphone or other compatible smart device, wherever you go.

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