Monday, February 1, 2010

Screw Search - How we find the Best Shit in SL

  1. Click on any great object you like, hair, prim dress, tree, chair, etc.
  2. Select Edit or More/Inspect if you want to look deeper
  3. Find the Creator of the Object
  4. Look at their Profile
  5. Check their Picks to find their store/shop
  6. TP to the shop
  7. Look around, find the item and Buy
This is not news to anyone who has been in SL more then a few times. This method is the way most experienced shoppers find quality content and is a favorite and unique SL method of "discovery".

Success breads success in SL, the more objects a creator has out there inWorld the more click-throughs you get. I am now curious to know how people discover the best skins. Is it all by word of mouth, search, advertising? Are marketing programs significantly different for skin creators since there is no discovery via edit?

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