Saturday, October 3, 2009

We need to Open the Pipeline to Virtual Worlds Now.

It is rumored that Linden Lab is looking at .dae (Collada) as the file format of choice for importing 3D meshes. When? SOMEDAY TBD. While we wait we often forget that the major players in CADD, AutoDesk and Dassault Systemes are deeply experienced and vesting in 3D. So while you scan the horizons of virtual worlds and pride yourselves in having virtual stores (most of which won't even rez now) take a long look here ->

Don't be surprised if one of those in the CADD/Digital Content Creation (DCC) industry or maybe two or three thunder into the landscape before Linden Lab and the diverse, poorly funded open source communities can get it all together to support a common standard for import/export and exchange of content.

While merchants of Second Life worry about theft of their creations, hundreds of thousands of object creators and industry in general will not be denied their own megaregions, with PLM and BIM tools. Below is a little clip from mid September about 3DVIA.


  1. Thanks for the embed Jean-Ricard. I agree with you, and now that the internet has caught up with computing power, I don't think we are far off from useful virtual worlds. I have been waiting for this since the VRML days. ;^) Keep your eyes open, more exciting stuff awaits us.

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