Thursday, October 29, 2009

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The Unity engine is becoming even more affordable to independent and hobbyist developers, as Unity Technologies has retired the $200 "Unity Indie" offering and replaced it with a free license, simply called Unity.

DAZ 3D has frequently been contacted by game developers looking to use DAZ 3D assets in their games and virtual worlds. Current licensing (EULA) limits the use of DAZ 3D content. An examination of the issues surrounding this topic including licensing and compatibility raises a number of additional questions. DAZ 3D would like to solicit input from members of the community who are in game development. Check out this video -

If you are interested in 3D game or virtual world development, please take a few moments to take a short survey.

If you are a member of game development communities, feel free to share this survey link with those that may be interested in using DAZ 3D content in their game and virtual world projects.

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