Sunday, August 30, 2009

3D in the browser or 2D Inside the Viewer?

I posted a comment:

Great work and post Zonja. I also went into OSGrid inside Firefox, but like you found myself as a ball of light without textures. Hopefully the license issues will be resolved quickly and the code made available to the open source community. Time is of the essence.

Linden Lab must also know how to do this and I doubt they are asleep at the wheel. The new Second Life web site appears to be designed to accommodate replacing the flash videos and still images with SLLive ™ (I will watch for their™ application`~LoL~)

My prediction is that within 12 months they will get SL cleaned up and go viral. They have started by dividing up the community and grid into Adult only(18 and up) and all else. This opens the bulk of SL to the massive audience of the whole web (0 and up). They have a lot of work to be ready for the expected explosive growth and providing all the other “offerings” (Xstreet, Voice calls, Mobile, etc.) I see them following two approaches once they have it set to launch.

  1. Look into SL using any browser and see multi media everywhere (via: LLMediaAPI) and meet other people like you: Just go to and look inside SL real time, say Hi to someone... and then get your own embed widget for your Facebook page
  2. Transform the SL viewer into The New Hot Web 3.0 browser, beat Firefox or IE to the punch with full browser functionality/compatibility, No training Browser look and feel, plus full 3D just a URL/SURL away. Think back buttons, bookmarks,History, search, multiple SIms like web pages in tabs, 2D inside 3D inside 2D, end the divide between flat content and 3D, all in one browser.

Will this happen - YES

How does s RealXtend & Ogre fit in to 3Di?

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