Monday, July 6, 2009

IFC2x4 beta1

Image above from the BIMForum is the Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) task force on Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIMForum’s 1500+ members collaborate virtually via the online forum.

The IFC2x Edition 4 beta 1 release has been published on 12.05.2009. The beta 1 release marks the feature-freeze state for IFC2x4. It is provided to extensive public review and comments.

The IFC 2x4 edition 4 beta 1 release is available now. The buildingSMART community is strongly encouraged to review the current beta 1 release and to provide feedback using the MSG issue resolution database. The deadline for comments is 14.08.2009.

The IFC 2x edition 4 release (IFC2x4), combines a number of feature increases with some major rework and improvements of the existing IFC specification. It has been developed as the next basis for IFC enabled interoperability of Building Information Models. It is also intended that the IFC2x4 release will be submitted to the International Standardization Organization (ISO) for approval as a full International Standard ISO16739.

About the buildingSMART alliance:
The Created to spearhead technical, political, and financial support for advanced digital technology in the real property industry—from concept, design and construction through operations and management—the buildingSMART alliance operates within the independent nonprofit National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). This public/private initiative expands on goals of the North American Chapter of the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI-NA), whose Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) have initiated open standards for national and international links among industry players. It provides developers and users of Building Information Models (BIMs), the digital tools that are increasingly helping to share highly accurate information throughout a facility's life cycle.

A global environment where all participants can readily and transparently share, apply and maintain information about facilities and infrastructure to enhance quality and economy of design, construction, operation and maintenance.


Improve all aspects of the facility and infrastructure lifecycle by promoting collaboration, technology, integrated practices and open standards.


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