Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tiny Nation Wins Jury Award at Machinima Expo 2008!

Tiny Nation by ILL Clan Animation Studios was given one of the six jury awards at the Machinima Expo 2008 held in Second Life.

Here's a link to all the nominees.


Directed and Edited: Kerria Seabrooke

Written: Kerria Seabrooke and Paul Jannicola

Director of Photography: Paul Jannicola

Producer: Kerria Seabrooke

Executive Producers: Paul Jannicola, Frank Dellario, Damien Fate

Sets, Props, Animations and Avatars: Damien Fate

Special Effects and Graphics: Tom Donnelly

Facial Animations: Sean Daniels

Original Music, Score, Foley and Sound Engineering: Paul Jannicola

SecondLife Effects and Facial Expressions: Damien Fate

Custom Scripting: Jason Crisman

Custom Skin: Michael Johns

Character Voices: Paul Jannicola and Kerria Seabrooke

Puppeteers: Calamity Hathaway, Razzi Rockett, Stacie Ball, Damien Fate, Michael Johns

Tiny Avatars provided by Loco Pocos

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