Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sony PlayStation @HOME Beta - Power to the People

clipped from: http://kotaku.com/5096972/playstationhome-goes-all-hic+a+doo+la

PlayStation@Home went to version 1.0 recently and expanded its pool of beta testers. I'm not sure Sony Computer Entertainment had this sort of thing in mind when it did, though. Given the options of going bowling, or playing arcade games, or buying virtual stuff and decorating an apartment well cooler than any you'll ever live in, roughly 30 people all somewhat spontaneously lined up to to form the (virtual) world's longest chain of avatars doing the running man dance.

Writes reader "Kurt Cobain":

It lasted for about an hour or so, so power to the people who took part spontaneously, mostly not knowing one another. It started from the clubhouse, just being silly. Then onto the bowling alley, then on the mall. When suggested to take it outside, thats what we did.

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