Monday, November 17, 2008

Second Life Mapping & Discovery - Skidz Partz may just call LL's bluff

As you may know I am amazed at just how bad Second Life's map and search is, especially considering their use of Google technologies. Well read on. I read a great piece by one of my favorite bloggers today, Dusan Writer, and after some simple URL surfing and stripping found out some more.

Here is the link to Dusan's post: and here is the comment I made:


Dig a little deeper into Viwogeo and you will find Skidz Partz and a new map application for the Second Life Grid, (not to be confused with other unidentified, unpublished Linden Lab Grid(s)).

The Second Life Map & Search features used inSL and the Second Life web site, including the auction pages, is just terrible and increasingly worthless.

I question, considering all of Rosedale's rhetoric and the competing technologies out there, Google Earth, Google Maps and Microsoft's versions, why Linden lab has neglected, maybe very deliberately, the most primary and valuable discovery and navigation tools.

Well it looks like someone in the inSL resident community just may call the Lab's bluff and trump the Lindens at their own game.

Go to these links and take a look:

Open the map, Zoom out, and then use the left side search tab. OMG!! Fast, more current then the inSL LL version. and easier to use. Yes their SL grid map graphics are now a bit primitive but I am sure will get better. Just think what they can do with it.

I think this is fantastic, since this will really step on the Lab's toes.

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