Monday, November 24, 2008

Rights Beyond the Lot Line - If we can own and drive a car, Why are we all required to ride the Internet Bus?

Homes with Tails: Homeowners providing their own fiber

In an audacious new paper, "Homes With Tails," Tim Wu and Derek Slater argue that there's no good technical or economic reason why homeowners couldn't supply their own fiber-optic internet connections that run hundreds of times faster than today's connections:

We call this property model “Homes with Tails,” for the fiber would form part of the property right in the home.

"... One rarely hears the question, “how can we encourage Intel to deploy faster processors?” The reason is that Intel does not need to invest in the deployment of its processors. It simply makes them available for sale. In effect, millions of consumers – a crowd, as opposed to a small group – make the decisions to invest in processors. This is the difference between a decentralized, property-based investment model and a more centralized paradigm. The deeper question is whether such a decentralized investment model is actually possible for broadband. ..."

quote clipped from:

Homes with Tails

By Derek Slater and Tim Wu*

America’s communications infrastructure is stuck at a copper wall. For the vast majority of homes, copper wires remain the principal means of getting broadband services. The deployment of fiber optic connections to the home would enable exponentially faster connections, and few dispute that upgrading to more robust infrastructure is essential to America’s economic growth. However, the costs of such an upgrade are daunting for private sector firms and even for governments. These facts add up to a public policy challenge.

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