Thursday, November 27, 2008

Making Money with the Second Life Platform

Reading New World Notes today I just had to post a comment to the post about Bloodlines. It is interesting what works and what does not work in Second Life and the "economics" of the platform. I am sure Linden Lab is watching this on their "dashboard" and learning lessons.

Below is my comment:

"Did I read this right?

Released: 5-6-2008
Price to Play: L$599
No. of Players: 37,000 since launch

Doing the math: 599/284 per US$ = $2.10 x 37,000 = $78,000 just for the HUD, not including other products sold.

Not bad gross for 6+ months. They can afford the tier and could show a few "developers" & corporations how to engage customers in SL.

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