Friday, November 14, 2008

Linden Lab Decides to Simulates Real Life Economic Meltdown

Image credit: Crap Mariner's Monopoly-esque satire of the Openspace controversy [card by MenuBar Memorial of Watermoon Breeze], from his Flickr stream. Image Clipped from New World Notes 11-7-2008

In that article one comment stood out and is probable closest to the truth:

[Fly on the wall in the Linden Boardroom]

Colo facility manager: At the rate you are adding new servers we're going to run out of room soon, not to mention fall way behind on the fiber op project.

Director A: So we'd need to get a new facility going, more buildings, more operating costs, more headaches...

Director B: Maybe we're big enough? If we shift the price point up, we can stop growing so fast and maximize our profits from the existing infrastructure.

(General agreement)

Director A: So it's settled, for our purposes it makes sense to raise prices and curb growth. Now, M Linden? You and your team go and make up some reason why this is all the customers' fault.

M Linden: We'll get right on it.

Posted by: Ananda Sandgrain | Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 12:09 PM

Surprising just how Linden Lab has managed to cause a Real Estate Bubble & then a Crash strikingly similar to Real life. They even try to spin the numbers.

Next will there be a bailout plan and infusion of Lindens into the economy?

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