Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Copybot is back (UPDATED)

I posted this in the Fall of 2008, to warn, maybe scare, the SL community, by showing how easy it was to still find this on the internet and within SL (not to support or sell it). I am a firm believer in not allowing this, nor do I support any form of copyright infringement.

"SL COPYBOT version

Hello and welcome to your future in Second Life. You've all heard about it, some of you might have seen it, and now is your chance to get it. Copybot version, going for ONLY L$2,000.¹ Compare this to the prices of other programs and you'll see why getting Copybot is the right choice!

"What will I get with the program?"

You will receive the bot itself and a detailed command list. I have also included a basic "Getting Started" guide which will help you through the set up and will give you valuable tips and advice!

I will not give an attribution for the above quote or a link for this, suffice to say it can be found easily.

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