Friday, November 14, 2008

Architecture Days on Orange Island

Announcing Architecture Days on Orange Island

posted by The Orange Island Team on Friday 14 November 2008

In our discovery of the aspects that influence the most the residents life, we decided to focus on a topic that is at heart of the our experience in Second Life: Architecture.

From Monday 17th to Wednesday 21st, join us on the Orange Island for the Architecture Days. We will have promising panels dotted with talk-show, show&tell, class and demo.

We are very proud to host a Metanomic Show dedicated to Architecture in Virtual Worlds. We would also thank the SL Architecture key player, Keystone Bouchard, for participating to many events of the series-event.

Below is the final schedule of events for Architecture Days. Please check back next week for a detailed daily schedule.

Monday 17th Nov.

12PM SLT: Metanomics Show (Lower Plaza Auditorium)
Liquid Artifacts: Architecture in Virtual Worlds
Jon Brouchoud (aka Keystone Bouchard in SL) of Crescendo Design and Studio Wikitecture
Kirsten Kiser will be On the Spot to talk about her recent work with architect Frank Gehry, and her efforts to bring architects to virtual worlds through her influential online architectural magazine, arcspace.

1PM SLT: Show and Tell, Architecture Edition (Orange 3)

Tuesday 18th Nov.

12PM SLT: Live Build Performance by Ayiki Takakura (Orange 4)

1.30PM SLT: Blender Master Class: “an alternative to baked textures” (Lower Plaza Auditorium)
Hosted by Soror Nish.

Wednesday 19th Nov.

12PM SLT: Discussion: Architecture for Planned Community (Lower Plaza Auditorium)
Speakers: Michael Linden (Bay City & Nautilus), JJ Drinkwater (Caledon), Jamie Palisades (Confederation of Democratic Simulators), JeanRicard Broek
Moderated by Malburns Writer.

1.30 PM SLT: WikiTree Demo
by Keystone Bouchard (aka Jon Brouchoud in RL) from Studio Wikitecture.

2.00 PM SLT: Discussion: ‘How Professional Architects are using Second Life?’
Speakers: Keystone Bouchard (Crescendo Design & Studio Wikitecture), Kliger Dinkin (Building with Immaterials), a member of the RMIT Avanced Environment group.
Moderated by Nick Rhodes

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