Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Improved Second Life?

I am be wrong but: Are"The Lindens" now experimenting with building more professional content to "improve" the Second Life experience?

I wonder....
  • Will they shortly be retaining "Professional Content Developers" to improve the platform, through more control, ownership and direct competition with the user content creation community?
  • Is the landscape of the hands off and "Built by the Residents" concept being fundamentally changed?
  • Is this just the next step down a defined path, following the Gambling Ban, Banking Controls, VA Taxation, Real Estate Devaluation, Advertising Controls?
  • or is this just more mainland?
I shall have to go look -->SURL Below is from today's Second Life Blog:

"Much to our delight, the intrepid explorer Magellan Linden has stumbled upon a new and beautiful land that had until now been mysteriously hidden from view. His ‘experiments’ with a new vehicle appear to have lead him to this discovery.

The abandoned city appears to have belonged to a great seafaring civilisation and while the culture and language of the original inhabitants isn’t immediately apparent, Linden Lab has decided to name the island “Nautilus” in honor of its maritime nature. Having claimed Nautilus as Linden Mainland, we would like to offer our residents the opportunity to live in this unique area and so will be selling off some of the land at auction.

If you would like to visit this new wonder, the regions are now visible inworld, all of the regions are prefixed with ‘Nautilus -’. There are many beautiful sights to be seen. The old harbour and nearby dry dock, the great canal and raised inner city, even the seas around Nautilus are rich with things to discover.

There look to be several hundred parcels available, all of them 1024 square meters in size. They cannot be terraformed and have twice the usual prim allocation. Our engineers are investigating how these regions came to exist, and whether they were always part of the Mainland, or were perhaps part of some earlier history. Residents who discover information about the true origin of Nautilus should contact Magellan Linden. We’ll also be adding to a public wiki page soon, where the latest information about Nautilus will be collected.

Auctions for the new area will go live on the 24th October with all auctions starting at L$2000."

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