Friday, March 7, 2008

The National Academy of Engineering has released its list of 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering for the 21st century

According to the report’s press release:

The final choices fall into four themes that are essential for humanity to flourish – sustainability, health, reducing vulnerability, and joy of living. The committee did not attempt to include every important challenge, nor did it endorse particular approaches to meeting those selected. Rather than focusing on predictions or gee-whiz gadgets, the goal was to identify what needs to be done to help people and the planet thrive.

The 14 challenges are:

  1. Make solar energy affordable
  2. Provide energy from fusion
  3. Develop carbon sequestration methods
  4. Manage the nitrogen cycle
  5. Provide access to clean water
  6. Restore and improve urban infrastructure
  7. Advance health informatics
  8. Engineer better medicines
  9. Reverse-engineer the brain
  10. Prevent nuclear terror
  11. Secure cyberspace
  12. Enhance virtual reality
  13. Advance personalized learning
  14. Engineer the tools for scientific discovery

Further information about the challenges can be found at:

You may also be interested in the results of CRA’s own grand challenges conferences,, as well as CRA’s current involvement with the Computing Community Consortium,

About CCC:
What are the next big computing ideas, the ones that will define the future of computing, galvanize the very best students, and catalyze research investment and public support? The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) seeks to mobilize the computing research community to answer these questions thus identifying major research opportunities for the field. The CCC will create venues for community participation in this exciting process.

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