Monday, January 21, 2008

Revisiting the Second life Dumpster

image by eteam
Cross posted from ~woot~ this is so good. I first posted about this Art Project in Architecture + some months ago. I returned to there Web site again today and found this entrty. It apears alive and well: ~LOL~

Today when we arrived at the Dumpster site, we found it covered with gambling
machines by Rodenbach Oyen. When we sent him an IM, asking him to apply the
decay script, he returned right away and started taking his machines off.
- insert L$5 to start the game -We thought the machines he had left were some sort of tetris inspired slot machines, but whenever we referred to his machines as slot machines he got angry.
You have to love thier work:
They have documented the Dumps for months, with Photos, Logs and comments.

Log Entries
• November 2007
• December 2007
• January 2008
• Lothar Apfelbaum
• The Camera Men
Waste Management
• Samples of Trash
• Automated Attempts

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