Friday, January 11, 2008

Museo Nazionale Romano

The National Museum of Rome comes to Second Life

The reconstruction of the ancient landscape aims to connect the research activity with a system of communication able to reflect and transfer them to the final user. The traditional archaeological research preserves the difference between two main approaches: a field research on the site which brings to an historical interpretation (bottom-up) and vice versa, a theoretical-based one which looks for concrete field evidences (top-down).The reconstruction of the Villa of Livia, on the contrary, aims to unify the two approaches: the creation of two levels of transparency enables the user to move himself inside the virtual space keeping at the same time the perception of the current archaeological area with its related reconstruction.

A virtual island in Second Life which provides a partial view of the villa optimised for the virtual world in order to test the processes of cultural learning in a collective space where more than one user can interact simultaneously.

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