Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 - The year of the "Long Tail"?

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Looking ahead, I was just thinking about how big corporations & the big developers in 2007 tried to be the “Head” in the land of the Long Tail. I was thinking about the explosive growth of grassroots education projects, continued individual experimentation, and the proliferation of small gatherings and meetings in 2007. (limited by the max of 50 avatars per region)
Second Life was designed from the bottom up to grow the long tail. It now has a hundred terabytes of object content. Flickr alone has 100,000 plus SL snapshots. There are at the least 16,000 unique SURLs. There are now tens of thousands of communities, groups, stores and businesses inside SL, many with content filled blogs and RSS feeds out on the web.

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“With an infinite number of contributors and consumers on the web, the volume can be much larger in the tail than in the head of the curve. The same paradigm can be applied to data management….
“…Data management has revolved primarily around the closely controlled, high-volume database systems - the head. With XML, data can be accessed and manipulated by a large number of Internet collaborators – that’s the long tail.”

What is the future of SL/Google Search in 2008? Who will develop new systems and tools to capture, aggregate, parse, catalogue and explore the long tail of Second Life?

Will 2008 be the year of the Long Tail, the year were the tail wags the dog?

My first prediction for 2008 is Yes.

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