Friday, December 7, 2007

Tomorrow at Harvard University & a Script Generator by Ann Enigma

CAMBRIDGE, MASS : On December 8th 2007 from 2-5pm EST
Harvard University's Interactive Media Group will host a half-day Immersive Education event that is open to the public and free to attend. Educators, researchers and administrators from Harvard University, Boston College, MIT Media Lab, Amherst College and the United States Department of Education will give a series of presentations and demonstrations to provide attendees with an overview of immersive Education and how virtual world and game-based learning technologies are used in and out of the classroom today. Immersive Education Day at Harvard is a precursor to the Immersive Education event at Boston's Digital Media Summit in January, 2008.

To learn more about the Media Grid and Immersive Education visit and

I ran across this after reading one of the best short blog posts I have read about Second Life. The post was about the Our Virtual Worlds BrainGain event, co-hosted with the Educational Technology Group and the Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum, which took place in September 2007, at Spangler Auditorium in the Harvard Business School.

Below is a link to the post: A short but great read from the the Harvard Interactive Media Blog

Group Virtual Worlds Braingain - A Question
By: Ben Decker

I would like to also tell you just how I arrived at that blog. If you looked at the link to the event above, it showed one of the speakers to be a SL avatar named Ann Enigma who wrote a wonderful little tool for Second Life that Gaynor Gritzi pointed out in her blog. I just love to surf.

The tool is a LSL Script Generator: <- click here to try it
The site will help you create scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the script are released under a creative commons license, which means that you can use them freely!

Great work Ann: My nomination for one of "Second Life's - Best of the Best"

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