Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why can't Second Life Grow?

Today in Information Week the following was reported:

Halo 3 for the Xbox 360

The game broke industry records by posting $170 million in sales on its first day of availability on Sept. 25, and more than $300 million in sales in the first week. It also broke records for online play with more than 2.7 million gamers logging in to play Halo 3 over Xbox Live in its first week on the market.

Why is it that Second Life with only 40,000 concurrent users lag/crash and become untenable?
Why do most new users leave, either frustrated or bored or both?
Why does growth in Second Life have so many problems?
What is wrong with the architecture, the technology, the network, the Linden Labs Culture?
I have no real answers, but damn, I like so many others are asking the same questions, over and over.

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