Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vista Park

Vista Park goes into beta:

The 9 new rules of the virtual web
Written by Bruce Joy
Sunday, 07 October 2007 00:00

We have come up with 9 rules about the next generation of virtual worlds. Let's start with a prediction:

In five years the virtual web will be dominated by networks of independent virtual worlds that interlink with websites and mirror worlds... and are accessible via a number of browsers because they utilise open specifications for content discovery, content display, human and widget interactivity, social networking and world linking.
The Metaverse? Forgetaboutit.

The vision of an organised single world (or even a world of worlds) where the rules apply throughout might fall nicely into the Second Life fan club’s imaginations, but we don’t think it is going to happen. We all owe SL a debt of gratitude for putting virtual worlds on the agenda. On the other hand, gamers generally look at SL and think it’s a lame place for middle aged furries and academics. Corporations want to run their own meeting places without fear of flying penises. Media companies such as MTV want to enable their audience to get deeper involved in a variety of media properties and they will generally run their universe of virtual worlds quite separately from external influences. There’s no need for a Metaverse............

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