Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toyota’s Latest Commercial Is Not on TV

Toyota’s Latest Commercial Is Not on TV. Try the Xbox Console
10/8: New York Times

Advertisers are also increasingly buying product placement space within games rather than creating their own. Advertisers in the United States will spend $502 million on video game advertising this year, up from $346 million last year, according to eMarketer, a research firm. Just over half of that is in the form of ads placed within games, and the rest is for marketers to create their own games, known in the industry as advergames.

Advertising dollars are what drives Google's money machine and stock price. So far only a few ??? million dollars have been spent by investors and corporations in SL and other Virtual Worlds. If Google and or Second Life find a way to scale up 3D Virtual World/SocialWorld Platforms to millions of online users then the RL dollars will follow. There is nothing new here. This is just a reflection on how big the pot is on the table. Here are a few more numbers from eMarketer to illustrate the point.

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