Friday, October 26, 2007

Second Life Will Revolutionize Engineering Design

Second Life Will Revolutionize Engineering Design:
Design News: Oct 14 2007 10:10PM
"Later this October, my first in-print article hits Design News Magazine. The culmination of several months of research, I report on the virtual world of Second Life (SL) and show how this new technology will impact engineering design. My conclusion: SL is disruptive technology that will revolutionize computer aided engineering design and facilitate new kinds of global design collaboration.

Second Life, created by Linden Lab, is a computer-generated universe (a metaverse) that is free to use for anyone with an Internet connection. Within this world, virtual objects can be created from scratch using a library of primitives, basic shapes such as cubes and spheres. By manipulating these elemental objects, adding uploaded image textures, and combining components, anything that can be imagined can be constructed. Completed objects are then augmented with additional layers of sophistication by adding software scripts, making them intelligent, responsive, and interactive.

These tools fundamentally alter engineering design by allowing end-users to interact with functional, virtual, prototype objects in real-time without anything ever having to be built..."

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