Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Second Life Dumpster

Found today, I love surfing.

Rhizome: Rhizome is pleased to announce increased funding for its Commissions Program. This year, eleven emerging artists/ collectives have been awarded commissions, for a total of $23,000, in support of new works of Internet-based art. The commissioned works will be presented on and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as archived in Rhizome's online archive, the ArtBase..

Funded for 2007 and coming to a SIM near you was :

Second Life Dumpster
by eteam

In Second Life each avatar has a trash folder. Items, that get deleted end up in that folder by default. The trash folder has to get emptied as often as possible, otherwise the avatars performance might diminish. But, where do deleted things end up? What are those things? Second Life Dumpster will explore these questions by starting and maintaining a public dumpster in Second Life for the duration of one year.

I have a few seagulls to contribute ~LOL~

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