Saturday, October 6, 2007

Out of The Box # 2 - Sculpties

Sculpties.... OMG ... Now this is to easy. Take a look Torley... Wa Hoo ~LOL~

How to use PloppSL.
From the PloppSL site

Step by Step:

Create a Plopp object by dragging one of the prepared images into the scene, or paint a new image in the painter and pump it up.
Then exported the object by selecting it in the scene and pressing the export button on the top left of the object. The exported files (sculpture image and texture) are placed in the users documents folder.
Windows: My Documents\PloppSecondLife
Mac: /users/USERNAME/documents/PloppSecondLife
Upload the images in SecondLife™.
Convert a prim to a sculpture and apply the previously uploaded sculpt image and texture.

Tips & Tricks:

You can drop image files into PloppSL. This allows you to create images in your favored paint program and import them into PloppSL. Supported formats are for example PNG (including alpha channel) and jpg.
Only closed, connected objects convert well to sculptures.
Holes in your paintings will be filled with polygons due to the structure of sculptures.
Improve your results further by avoiding very detailed contours and thin objects.

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