Saturday, October 6, 2007

From Boom to Bust?

Today I received the following as part of a SL group message:

1/4 SIM - over 14000 Square Meters With more than 3200 PRIMS.... Now just 75000 Lindens...

Why I am reflecting on the above, doing the math, is self explanatory for all that know Second Life & it's land prices. It is the fallout from the Gambling Ban, Ginko failure & V.A.T., all this on top of the Linden's overproduction of land/SIMS, bad press and ongoing grid instabilities. Virtual Utopias are nothing new nor are the problems they face.

The source of the magazine illustration: "People's Advocate, 19 March, 1896
and text below is

The Depression of 1893
Jacob Coxey's Address on Behalf of the Industrial Army

The Constitution of the United States guarantees to all citizens the right to peaceably assemble and petition for redress of grievances, and furthermore declares that the right of free speech shall not be abridged.

We stand here to-day to test these guaranties of our Constitution. We choose this place of assemblage because it is the property of the people. . . . Here rather than at any other spot upon the continent it is fitting that we should come to mourn over our dead liberties and by our protest arouse the imperiled nation to such action as shall rescue the Constitution and resurrect our liberties.

Upon these steps where we stand has been spread a carpet for the royal feet of a foreign princess, the cost of whose lavish entertainment was taken from the public Treasury without the consent or the approval of the people. Up these steps the lobbyists of trusts and corporations have passed unchallenged on their way to committee rooms, access to which we, the representatives of the toiling wealth-producers, have been denied.

We stand here to-day in behalf of millions of toilers whose petitions have been buried in committee rooms, whose prayers have been unresponded to, and whose opportunities for honest, remunerative, productive labor have been taken from them by unjust legislation, which protects idlers, speculators, and gamblers: we come to remind the Congress here assembled of the declaration of a United States Senator, "that for a quarter of a century the rich have been growing richer, the poor poorer and that by the close of the present century the middle class will have disappeared as the struggle for existence becomes fierce and relentless."

--Jacob S. Coxey, "Address of Protest" on the steps of the Capitol, from the Congressional Record, 53rd Congress, 2nd Session (9 May 1894), 4512.

and just to drive the point home to Linden Labs:

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