Saturday, October 6, 2007

Aircraft Tracking in Second Life

From: Daden Limited Press Release - 25 September 2007

Aircraft hang in the air all around you in an innovative new visualisation from Virtual Worlds agency Daden Limited and aircraft tracking specialists We believe that this the first time that real-time aviation data has been displayed in a virtual world such as Second Life (SL).

The visualisation takes's near-live data of aircraft locations around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and displays the aircraft as small models in Second Life over a map of southern California. Each aircraft shows its flight number and its location, altitude and direction mirrors that of its real world counterpart. The display updates every minute and the aircraft are moved to their new locations. An avatar can walk across the map, examining each aircraft and can touch an aircraft in order to reveal its flight path data.

The visualisation builds on previous work done by Birmingham UK based Daden Limited in taking data from Google Earth and displaying it in Second Life. Such combinations of systems (called mash-ups) provide a very rapid way of creating new systems, or combining or looking at data in new ways. For instance Daden were part of the consortium that developed the GeoGlobe - a 3D globe in SL that can display news feeds, earthquake data and other Google Earth information inside a huge Earth globe.

The flight data feed is provided to Florida-based by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under its Aviation Situation Data to Industry (ASDI) program. uses this data to create a variety of value-added flight tracking services, including real-time tracking of General Aviation flights, flight alerts, historical flight reporting, pilot flight-time logging, and a number of other aviation-related informational services. The data feed is delayed by 5 minutes by the FAA for security reasons.

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